Since the mid 90’s, we have been a major supplier of bathware and doorware objects in Australia and, in recent years, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, the People’s Republic of China, Cambodia, Bhutan, the Maldives and Mauritius.

All of our high quality and desirable objects are made in conjunction with our world renowned Italian supplier partners including Art Ceram, Flaminia, Hidra, Newform, Simas, Valdama and Tecla amongst others, enabling PARISI to remain at the forefront of global design trends.


PARISI’s supplier partners are world leaders in design, innovation, manufacturing and sustainability. Made in state-of-the-art facilities, using components and materials sourced from the world’s best suppliers, each object in our range combines advanced manufacturing technologies with traditional craftsmanship of professional artisans.

Rigorous design testing and quality controls ensure that PARISI products should function well in excess of our lengthy warranty periods.


We are so confident in the quality and function of our objects that we offer lengthy and comprehensive warranties on vitreous china, tapware, internal workings and door hardware.


PARISI have successfully specified and supplied to numerous high-profile contracts in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Our unsurpassed breadth of styles and ranges within our product portfolio enables developers and specifiers to differentiate the ‘look’ of their various contracts, as well as maintaining value and prestige.

Our expert team can assist in tailoring selections to meet a budget whilst maintaining desired design aesthetic and meet with rigorous approvals standards. PARISI also offer custom solutions to suit contracts large and small.


PARISI is a key supplier to national and regional retailers who specialise in quality bathroom and doorware products.

All of our objects are supported by exceptional service and after-sales support to maintain our high levels of customer and consumer satisfaction.